All maestro violins

Very fine violins.

Our maestro violins are made of carpathian woods, from trees chosen by our maker. Once they are prepared and cut, woods dry for 20 to 35 years. They are regularly turned, every three years.

Our maestro violins are designed, made and set up with this same quality concern and respect for violin making tradition. Each violin is signed, unique and individually worked. 

Please contact us for any question about their making. We can also make an arrangement for trial.

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Maestro Violin Pergolesi Maestro Violin Pergolesi

  Pergolesi is a professional mad..

Maestro Violin Salieri Maestro Violin Salieri

  Salieri is a professional made violin, signed by Simon..

Maestro Violin Le Galion Maestro Violin Le Galion

Maestro Violin, Le Galion Le Galion, Luthier Violin signed by M.L. Simon Jozsef, Ro..

Maestro Violin Capella Maestro Violin Capella

  Capella is a professional handmade violin, signed by S..

Maestro Violin Leonardi Maestro Violin Leonardi

    Leonardi is a prof..

Maestro Violin Maia Maestro Violin Maia

    Maestro Violin Maia Maia Violin, ..

Maestro Violin Parcin Maestro Violin Parcin

  Parcin, Luthier Violin signed by M.L. Simon Jozsef, Romania for ..

Maestro Violin Cimarosa Maestro Violin Cimarosa

  Cimarosa is a professional made violin, signed by Simo..